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Driving across the Hanover St. Bridge heading to Baltimore Invitational at sunrise. Photo by: J.Davenport

Walter Johnson Crew launching at St Andrews April 2016


Your Shell Transportation and Equipment Support Partner


Reliable shell transportation is one of the biggest hassles for rowing teams and coaches.  Between turn-over of volunteers and the nature of the job, it can be difficult to maintain secure, reliable transportation.  Rowing/Towing takes that issue off the table by expertly transporting your equipment to and from regattas or anywhere you need the equipment taken.  We can provide:

  • Regatta Transport 
  • Transport to/from Repair Facilities
  • New Equipment Pick-up and delivery
  • Transport of Sold Equipment
  • ​Transport to Storage Facilities
  • Pick-up of New Coaches Launches and outboard Engines
  • ​Launches and Engines to Repair Facilities

We can transport all equipment a rowing team needs moved, picked up or shipped.  Let Rowing/Towing & Support handle all of your equipment transport needs.


Our expertise in team operations and years of  coaching rowing teams has taught us a lot about the challenges of maintaining equipment in top-notch shape. Maintaining rowing equipment requires skill and time.  Many teams rely heavily on the coaching staff for this type of work, but we believe their time is better spent doing what they were hired for, coaching rowers.  Rowing/Towing & Support can help.  The small repairs that cause equipment downtime and  take up valuable water time can easily be handled by Rowing/Towing & Support.  Frequently needed repairs: 

  • Skeg - Rudder Repairs and Replacement
  • Steering Cables
  • Electronic equipment and wiring
  • Replacement of Wear Items
  • Riggers & Oar Locks
  • Footstretchers and Shoe Replacement
  • Tracks
  • Rigging Changes
  • Erg Repairs
  • ​New Erg Set up
  • Infrastructure Support & Consulting
  • Site Setup and Site Moves
  • ​Docks

We handle new shell set-up after delivery from the manufacturer.  Rigging and new equipment set-up is an important and time-consuming job that can be done without using your coach's time.  We will set up and rig a new shell to the coach's exact specifications.